Malaysia has become a popular tourist destination for the last few years. Malaysian food is one thing that is loved by almost all the travelers from different countries.Malaysian Foods are generally very tasty and colorful. They use a lot of spices and cook delicious food items.

Actually, the Malaysian population can be divided into three major groups; Malays, Chinese and Indian. All these groups have influenced the Malaysian cuisines. Apart from these countries, other cuisines such as Thai, Portuguese, Arabian, Dutch and British cuisines have influenced the Malaysian culinary. There are very few restaurants that serve authentic Malaysian Foods in the UK.

So, finding an authentic Malaysian restaurant in Birmingham is important if you want to taste the real flavour of Malaysian cuisines. In the UK there are some eminent restaurants serving Malaysian Foods and the food lovers appreciate their cuisines a lot for getting the real taste of the Malaysian curries and other food items.

Ingredients Used in Preparing Malaysian Cuisines:

There are a lot of dishes prepared in Malaysia which are thoroughly loved by the foodies. There are a few ingredients which are used in almost each and every Malaysian cuisine. Chilly is one of those ingredients. Both fresh and dried chilies are used. The cook makes a paste with both types of chilies and used it in the time of cooking. This chili paste gives a great color and spicy taste in the cuisine. Another item without which the Malaysian cuisines will be incomplete is a shrimp paste known as Belacan. Coconut is also widely used in Malaysia. Virtually every part of the coconut is used in Malaysian culinary. They use the white flesh of the coconut. Coconut water is widely used. Coconut milk is also added in the dishes to enhance the taste of the dish. Other than that soya sauce is widely used. You need to walk into the right restaurant to get the real taste of Malaysian restaurant in Birmingham.

Have a Look at the Popular Malaysian Dishes:

There are a lot of Malaysian cuisines loved by the foodie’s worldwide. Rice is an element which is found in a great extent. Nasi Lemak is a special Malaysian food frequently referred to as the national food of Malaysia. Apart from this congee is also a favourite dish. There are some special dishes made with meat which are thoroughly enjoyed by the food lovers. There are a lot of breads, vegetables, etc. are prepared in Malaysia which is very popular.

An Authentic Restaurant Serving Malaysian Foods:

There are a few restaurants that serve the authentic Malaysian delicacies in the UK.The Eastern Restaurant is one of them, which has successfully catered the food lovers with the most authentic Malaysian dishes in the heart of the UK.

This is one authentic Malaysian restaurant in Birmingham that serves various popular Malaysian dishes. Their foods are widely accepted by food lovers. They also give special offers and discounts to the foodies. If you want to taste the authentic Malaysian cuisines you can visit them.