Are you a complete foodie? Do you like to taste the different food items all over the world? If the answers are yes then you are definitely going to love the Thai foods. But you may face a lot of problem in finding authentic Thai food in Birmingham. All of your worries have come to an end. The Eastern is a famous Thai restaurant in Birmingham, offering mouth-watering authentic oriental foods. They use proper spices and other ingredients to create magic in the plate. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity you must visit the Thai restaurant in Birmingham.

Authentic Thai restaurant in Birmingham:

A restaurant is known for its services and the foods offered by them. The Eastern is a Thai restaurant in Birmingham, offering authentic Thai dishes. Items are cooked by the chef following the authentic cooking procedure maintained in Thailand. There are a lot of spices used in the cooking process. The Eastern tries to use this kind of authentic spices to bring the proper taste of the dishes. There is a wide variety of Thai food is served here. At first, there are different kinds of soups offered. After tasting the soups you can order some lip-smacking red hot Thai curries or some delicious rice or noodles item. They serve authentic and popular Thai preparation like Thai red snapper, Thai sea bass, Salmon in panang taste, Thai mixed seafood, etc. If you are a meat lover, then you have plenty of choices. You can choose from chicken, lamb, beef, pork, etc. The restaurant also provides customised dishes of your choice. If you visit them you can witnesses the unbelievable taste of authentic Thai foods.

Other services:

There are many other dishes served at the Thai restaurant in Birmingham. Chinese cuisine is very popular for its taste all over the world. You can treat yourself with the authentic Chinese dishes served by The Eastern. You can experience a new taste with ourYoung Chow Fried Rice, Kung Pao Tofu, Chinese Lobster, Chinese Sea Bass,etc. You can also try different preparation of pork, beef, duck, etc.

About The Eastern:

The Eastern is a well-known Thai restaurant in Birmingham. We offer Malaysian and Japanese food along with Thai and Chinese foods. We also provide customised dishes of your choice. If you want to gift your taste buds a different experience do visit The Eastern.